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SIE Fund Prototype Project: Retrovert Novice Model Training Program

“How much more can we do with our platform, and how far can we go?” This is a question Retrovert reflects on daily. It was also how the “Novice Model Training Program” was born in 2021. 

Among the 11 underprivileged girls who joined the program, some stopped school because of the surprise pregnancy, altering their life trajectories; others were lost on education and career directions and felt uncertain about the future. Like many other girls, they aspired to become more beautiful and more confident. Having received so much strength from our supporters, Retrovert wished to pass the strength forward.

During the one-year program, Retrovert provided girls with 40 hours of free training and more than 80 hours of paid internship. Through the work experience as shop interns, they gained self-esteem, communication techniques and work skills. At the end of the project, some waved goodbye to Retrovert and embarked on their next journeys; a few officially joined the team, helping build clear and organized documentation and management systems. It was at once out of our expectations and completely reasonable. As cliché as it may sound, perhaps it was all for the best. 

When we first launched the program, we promised to “give our all to do something good even amid tough times.” With all of you by our side, may Retrovert continue to go as far as we could. 


Key SDG Goal: Decent Work and Economic Growth 

11 underprivileged girls each went through...

  • 40 hours training on event planning, modeling and operations
  • 80+ hours of paid internship, including as models, shop assistants and workshop facilitators

How they changed:

  • Higher confidence
  • Enhanced workplace competency 
  • Higher income